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Local Vishing Scam Leads to PIN-Based Debit Fraud

Aug 23, 2018

Local Credit Union members have recently reported a malicious vishing scam (the fraudulent practice of making phone calls purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information) where victims receive calls from spoofed phone numbers claiming to be a reputable financial institution. These members were asked to provide information like the CVV2/CVC2 codes on the back of their debit cards as well as expiration dates. Since the scammers already possess the counterfeit mag stripe debit cards, they use the information to change the PINs through voice response units. Then, they utilize the counterfeit cards at ATMs to withdrawal cash or make purchases at vendors like Walmart.

Please note:

Power Financial Credit Union will never request sensitive information like the CVV2/CVC2 or expiration date of your debit or credit card via phone, text or email. We suggest that members never give this information out over the phone, via text or email. Reputable companies will never request this information because they always have it on file.