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Ryder Employees Gas Card

Ryder Employees Gas Card

What’s better than getting the auto loan you need to buy the car you want? Free gas, of course! Ryder employees who get their auto loan through Power Financial Credit Union will also get a gas card worth up to $50*. Stop by a branch or apply online today and get out on the road in your dream car! *Offer valid for vehicles purchased or refinanced with Power Financial Credit Union from July 15, 2019- October 15, 2019. SFAC or existing Power Financial Credit Union auto loans do not qualify for the offer. Gift card value for auto loans from $7,501 to $20,000 will be $20. Gift card value for auto loans between $20,000.01-$30,000 will be $30. Gift card value for auto loans between $30,000.01 and $40,000 will be $40. Gift card value for auto loans over $40,000 will be...

Local Vishing Scam Leads to PIN-Based Debit Fraud

Local Credit Union members have recently reported a malicious vishing scam (the fraudulent practice of making phone calls purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information) where victims receive calls from spoofed phone numbers claiming to be a reputable financial institution. These members were asked to provide information like the CVV2/CVC2 codes on the back of their debit cards as well as expiration dates. Since the scammers already possess the counterfeit mag stripe debit cards, they use the information to change the PINs through voice response units. Then, they utilize the counterfeit cards at ATMs to withdrawal cash or make purchases at vendors like Walmart. Please note: Power Financial Credit Union will never request sensitive information like the CVV2/CVC2 or expiration date of your debit or credit card via phone, text or email. We suggest that members never give this information out over the phone, via text or email. Reputable companies will never request this information because they always have it on...

Enterprise Car Sale

Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 10 am – 6 pm Get no payments for 90 days* when you finance an Enterprise vehicle with Power Financial Credit Union. Get Kelley Blue Book® trade-in value on your vehicle and add $500† (upon used vehicle purchase from Enterprise Car Sales). Take advantage of this great deal at two locations: Lauderdale Lakes 2150 N State Rd 7 Miami 17720 S Dixie Hwy   * Finance charge begins from date of purchase and is repaid over the term. Offer valid on 6/24/2017. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer other than in this advertisement. † Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Values used by Enterprise are obtained from © 2017 Kelley Blue Book Co.’s website Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value is based on accurate condition rating and mileage of vehicle. Accurately appraising the condition of the vehicle is an important aspect of determining its Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value. Kelley Blue Book valuation adjustments for vehicle mileage disproportionate to the age of the vehicle may be capped by Enterprise Car Sales at 20% of the vehicle’s base value. If a Kelley Blue Book Trade-In value is not available for customer’s vehicle Enterprise will provide a fair and competitive value for customer’s vehicle. Additional trade-in value of $500 is available only on passenger vehicles and light duty trucks, with a Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value and when a vehicle is purchased from Enterprise. Customer is responsible to any extent vehicle pay-off exceeds Enterprise offer. Customer must provide required proof of ownership/registration and all other necessary paperwork to transfer title. Offer only valid on one...