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Fall In South Florida

FallThe cool weather has made its way to South Florida…Finally!!!!  This is the time of year when working outside (or in the attic of your house) is actually bearable.  It’s also the time of year when locals can spot the people from out of town on vacation.  The locals are wearing long pants, sweaters and even ski parkas; while the folks from out of town are swimming in the ocean or in the pools at the hotels!  

Let’s face it…if the water is not at least 80 degrees…we’re not going in!  And for you animal lovers out there, this is the time of year to let your pets spend quality time outside.  Take your pets for a walk, get some exercise (walk off those holiday meals) and enjoy the cool weather!  Please keep in mind that just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean that the sun’s rays are any less intense.  If you plan on working or playing outside for any length of time, please remember the sunscreen.  Take this time of year as a healthy and productive opportunity to get outside and accomplish some of your goals that the hot weather may make difficult.