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kid at a table working on a laptop

When you’re a kid, going to school is like your job. The bulk of the day is spent in the classroom and it can be hard to keep the motivation going all year long. While we can’t offer a paycheck for high performance in the classroom, we can provide a little extra motivation.

Be sure to stop by the credit union after the report cards arrive. This school year, we’ll deposit $1* right into your kids’ youth savings or checking account for every A they get.

When students invest in their future, we invest in them. Study hard and start earning. We hope to see you soon!

Offer valid September 1, 2019–June 30, 2020. New accounts must be open for 90 days to qualify. Member must be enrolled in grades 1–12 with report card reflecting the most current quarter of the school year 2019–2020. Bonus will be deposited in the member Rocky Raccoon Savings or Cha-Ching Checking Account. Submission of report card may be brought in to a Power Financial Credit Union branch or emailed to