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I Am The Future. The Future Is Now!

Make savings a habit, and pave your family’s way to financial success.

Growing generation after generation!


At Power Financial Credit Union, not only do we want to see your kids and grandchildren grow, we also want to see their money grow. And since it’s never too early to start saving, we have products and services for kids of all ages from newborn to 17! Help ensure your child’s secured future and pave their way to financial freedom.

Rocky Raccoon Youth Savings Account (0-12 years old)

Rocky Raccoon and the Rainbow Rangers Club is for Power Financial Credit Union members under 12 years old. Rocky and his friends will help youngsters learn how to save, spend and earn money. The Rocky Raccoon Savings Account includes an incentive program to encourage children to continually save by earning tokens to purchase gifts from our prize list.

Cha-Ching Teen Checking Account (13-17 years old)

You want a lot for your children. They have personal goals, lifestyle goals, and dreams. Give them the freedom, the independence and the responsibility to do it all on their terms. With Power Financial Credit Union’s Cha-Ching Teen Checking Account, you can start encouraging responsible financial decisions and help plan for their future.

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Identity Theft

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Identity Theft 

Protect your credit and personal information. Find out how.

Rocky Raccoon Youth Savings

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Rocky Raccoon Youth Savings

Learn how to save, spend & earn money.


Cha-Ching Teen Checking

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Cha-Ching Teen Checking 

Free Visa debit card & Online Banking.