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We are the trusted partner you need to grow your small business. Get the strong banking relationship and personalized solutions that you can’t get at a big bank.

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At Power Financial Credit Union, we believe small businesses are the lifeblood of our community.

You are creating jobs, serving the people, and fueling the economy. You deserve a banking partner that is dedicated to providing you with the advice and resources you need to succeed.

What makes Power Financial Credit Union different?

Always Putting You First

Get the personal, one-on-one banking relationship you need to flourish.

Personalized Solution

Our Business Banking Experts will tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

Long Term Partnership

As your business grows, we offer a suite of products to support your success.

Big Savings

Great rates, no overdraft or NSF fees and member-only discounts.

Community Based

We've served S. Florida since 1951 so we understand the business environment.

Bank Anywhere

24/7 secure access with our mobile app and online banking.

How to open a business account. 

Business Accounts can be opened at one of our branches or by speaking on the phone with one of our business banking advisors. Make an appointment today so we can start learning about you and your business and personalizing the right solution for you. 

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Requirements to open a business account.

Interested in opening a business account with us? Make the process go smoothly by having all the necessary documentation ready. To help speed things up, please have the following items:

Accordion Section

In order to open an account, your business must be registered and active with the State of Florida. Only the information verified with the state ( will be authorized for account opening. All account signers must also provide: a Social Security Number, Business Tax Identification Number, and two forms of identification. Business beneficial ownership information will also be required. A $25 deposit is required to establish the account. Additionally verification documents may be required depending on the type of business.
Business Type Required at Account Opening Forms Required
Corporation (Inc) (Corp) The TIN used is the EIN of the business
  • Articles of incorporation from the State
  • TIN verification form
  • PFCU authorized signers form (if applicable) 
D/B/A or Sole Proprietorship The TIN used can be a SSN or EIN
  • Fictitious name Affidavit
  • PFCU authorized signers form (if applicable) 
LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) EIN of the LLC must be obtained if more than one member, if not a SSN can be used
  • Certificate of Existence
  • Articles of organization from the State
  • Operating agreement
  • TIN verification form
  • PFCU authorized signers form (if applicable) 
Partnership (General, LTP & LLP) The TIN used is the EIN of the partnership
  • Partnership Authorization Certification
  • Partnership Agreement
  • TIN verification form
  • Certificate of assumed name (if applicable) 
  • PFCU authorized signers form (if applicable) 
Recreation/ Club The TIN used must be the EIN of the club
  • TIN verification form
  • Meeting minutes authorizing the account and assigning transaction authority
  • PFCU authorized signers form (if applicable) 
Unincorporated Association or Organization The TIN used must be the EIN of the business
  • Certification signed by the Secretary authorizing signatory is provided
  • PFCU authorized signers form (if applicable) 

Putting Members first since 1951.

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