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Personal Loans

When you need financing for special projects and important moments, turn to your family at Power Financial Credit Union.

Our loans and lines of credit provide the boost you need.

Signature Loans  

Get attractive rates without putting up property as collateral.

  • Fixed rates mean stable monthly payments
  • Repayment terms up to 60 months
Secured Loans  

Use your savings as collateral for a loan with a low interest rate.

  • Funds available for any purpose
  • Continue to earn interest on deposits 
Quinceañera Loan  

Make this special day one your family will always remember.

  • Borrow up to $30,000
  • Flexible repayment terms, with a maximum of 48 months
Personal Line of Credit  

Access this low-cost line of credit whenever you need it.

  • Fixed interest rate that's lower than a credit card
  • Pay interest only on amount actually borrowed
Debt Consolidation  

Get your finances back on solid footing.

  • Consolidate high-interest debt with one lower interest loan
  • Pay off balances on higher-interest credit cards

Mortgage Loans

Turn your house into a home with easy financing options from Power Financial Credit Union. We make borrowing simple, no matter which mortgage you choose.

More information about Mortgage LoansLearn More