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Better data can lead to better financial decisions.

Run the numbers to make the best choice.

Mortgage Loan Calculator   

Figure out your monthly payment and see how much time it will take to pay off your home loan.

Mortgage Comparison 15 years vs 30 years   Which option is better for you? Dig into the details to figure it out.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator   See if an ARM is the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.
ARM vs Fixed Rate Mortgage   Compare a fixed-rate mortgage to two adjustable-rate options to see which one fits perfectly. 
Bi-weekly Payment Calculator    See how you can benefit by taking a different approach on your mortgage payments.
Auto Loans  

Figure out how much your new car loan will cost. Or determine how much car you can afford.

Lease vs Buy a Car   Should you lease or buy your car? This calculator helps you make the right choice for your finances. 
Savings Calculator  

A steady approach to savings can really pay off. Even small additions add up over time.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator   Enter some information about your CD and see what it will be worth by the time it reaches maturity.
Debt Consolidation Calculator   You could save serious money by rolling all your debt into one new, affordable loan payment.


Get the inside scoop on how to manage your money, build a budget, plan for major financial events and more. Plus, see what's going on behind the scenes at Power Financial Credit Union.

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