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Miami Herald

December 31, 2020

December 31, 2020 - Power Financial Credit Union President and CEO Allan Prindle quoted in Miami Herald article "Most CEOs have embraced remote hiring, but in-person is missed" by Herald Staff.

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"As a growing organization, we are always hiring top talent in order to exceed our members’ expectations in service, products and technology. That did not diminish during this pandemic, which necessitated remote hiring, on-boarding and training. We had been training remotely well before the onset of the pandemic, to manage travel expense and staffing impacts. The hiring and on-boarding aspects were new and mandated when stay-at-home orders were implemented. Fortunately, we had the remote training technology infrastructure in place that allowed a fairly seamless transition. With our excellent audio/video conferencing capabilities we were able to conduct individual and panel interviews, and utilize remote signature applications to complete on-boarding deliveries. This practice will now likely remain in place going forward for the efficiencies it affords us."

Allan Prindle, president, CEO, Power Financial Credit Union

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