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Navigating Checking Accounts for Kids at Florida Credit Unions

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Few things feel more exciting for a child or teen than making a purchase with their allowance or birthday money.

Letting your child make their own financial decisions gives them a taste of freedom. It’s also an opportunity to teach them important lessons about spending and saving and to set them on the path to success.

At PFCU, we empower our young members with youth accounts. Our goal is to offer fun and engaging banking products that give your child a level of responsibility appropriate for their age while encouraging them to play an active role in managing their money.

Here's how to empower your child with a checking account for kids in Florida.

Introduction to Checking Accounts for Kids in Florida

Florida is one of the few states that have financial education requirements for schools. However, these classes don’t always prepare your child adequately for their future financial responsibilities.

Get your child excited about managing their money with the right tools, starting with a youth checking account. It’s the ideal banking product for learning about the value of money, the satisfaction of saving, and other foundational financial literacy concepts. Being in charge of their own money will help your child mature and give them the confidence they need to make wise financial decisions.

If you’re considering opening a checking account for kids in Florida, there is a strong argument in favor of credit unions. Thanks to their not-for-profit model, credit unions offer free or affordable accounts that are perfect for a child. Credit unions also keep funds local, which is a great way to show your child how their decisions as a consumer have an impact on others.

Account Features Tailored to Kids and Teens

Your child probably doesn’t have a regular source of income. That’s why we offer teen checking accounts with no balance requirements and no monthly fees.

We also understand your child isn’t quite ready yet to manage money independently. The key to successful financial education is to adjust responsibilities based on your child's age and maturity level, making parental oversight crucial. At PFCU, teens can get a checking account with a free Visa debit card, but you remain in control of their spending by setting a limit on the card.

Because today’s teens are tech-savvy, we keep them engaged with convenient online and mobile banking tools. Your child can access their money anywhere and easily check their balance before making a purchase.

Besides empowering your child with a free account that is easy to manage, we want to provide them with financial education. Thanks to our partnership with Greenlight, your teen can explore important concepts like saving or investing through games and quizzes. We make learning about money a fun, hands-on experience that directly supports your child’s future!

Transitioning to Adult Banking

Your child’s financial needs will change as they grow. A checking account for kids in Florida is a good place to start, but eventually, the time to open a traditional bank account will come. Learning about basic banking concepts such as account balances or transactions with a youth account will give your child the knowledge and confidence they need to choose the right product.

Once your child turns 18, they can open a standard checking account with us or take advantage of the unique benefits PFCU offers through student checking accounts, including no monthly fees, no overdraft fees and no minimum balance.

Checking Accounts for Kids in Florida With PFCU

Set your child on the path to success by teaching them strong financial literacy skills, making them more likely to identify wealth-building opportunities and adopt the right strategies to turn their financial goals into realities.

At PFCU, we offer free youth accounts to set your child on this exciting journey to success. Because that’s what family does.

As long as your child is between the ages of 13 and 17, they can open a checking account with no monthly fees. They’ll get a Visa debit card with a parental limit, convenient online and mobile banking tools, and access to games and quizzes.

Talk to your child about our teen checking accounts, or visit one of our branches to open one!