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Deluxe Provent® Protect Plus

Increase the security measures taken to protect your accounts and identity.

If you want to add credit card monitoring in the fight against fraud, go for Deluxe Provent® Protect Plus. Its affordable rate makes it a great option for members of the Power Financial Credit Union family.

Individual ID Protect Plus Plan – $5.25/month
Family ID Protect Plus Plan (x2)*- $8.25/month

  • Daily credit card monitoring and alerts notify you of certain activities associated with your credit file.
  • Ongoing monitoring of certain data and records is available online to identify any known risks associated with up to 14 different consumer identity elements, as well as alerts if something is fishy.
  • EZShield Vault provides exclusive online access to a secure storage location to organize electronic files remotely. Provides 24/7 top-level security to prevent unauthorized access to stored files.

There's also a restoration component that's part of the package.

  • A certified Resolution Specialist manages your fraud or identity theft case.
  • An online wallet stores personal information you would like to manage and protect with 24/7 secure access.
  • Preventive measures include up-to-date education, checklists and free or recommended resources for preventing future identity theft.

Important: Once enrolled, you can expect to receive an initial welcome communication directly from the Deluxe Provent Program office. This communication will provide you with important information regarding your ID Protect Plus Service, including instructions for activating Internet Monitoring and Credit Monitoring.

Deluxe Provent also offers you a full suite of service options that address the entire spectrum of identity fraud sources. You choose the identity and fraud protection services you want, and only pay for what is important to you.

If you enroll in a service other than ID Restoration, you will be billed for the full cost of the service whether or not you activate the features within the service. Products require a valid email address for account alerts and notification issues.

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*Two joint account holders or one account holder plus another individual in the same household.

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