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Mortgage Refinance

Your house looks great. Let's get you a loan to match.

Replace old windows, repair leaky plumbing, remodel the kitchen. When you own a home, there's a lot of upkeep. Here's another high-priority item for your to-do list: Review your current mortgage. If rates have dropped, or your family's finances have changed, Power Financial Credit Union might be able to refinance your old home loan and save you money - maybe even enough to pay for that next big improvement project.

  • Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages available
  • Competitive rates and low closing costs
  • Repayment terms up to 30 years
  • Potentially reduce your monthly payments or pay off your loan faster
  • Arrange for easy payments through Direct Deposit distributions or automatic transfers from your savings or checking account
Power Financial Credit Union serves members across South Florida with 8 full-service branches and offers convenient account access from anywhere using its secure Online Banking and highly-rated Mobile App.