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Credit Union Business News

July 29, 2021

Power Financial Credit Union (PFCU) was formed in 1951 to serve the employees and families of Florida Power & Light Company. From humble beginnings 70 years ago, PFCU has flourished into a modern, full-service financial institution with nearly a billion dollars in assets, serving almost 35,000 members in 13 Florida counties.

Today, PFCU is a recognized leader in the credit union sector and deeply committed to leadership diversity and development. Five of PFCU’s six executive leaders are women, and, even more remarkable, four of the five are proud Latinas: Wanda Ferrer, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer; Michelle Díaz, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer; Lesley García-Suárez, Senior Vice President & Chief Lending Officer and Alicia Quevedo, Senior Vice President and Chief Membership Officer. Ferrer is Dominican and García-Suárez, Quevedo and Díaz are Cuban.

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