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Are You Completely Insured?

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Are you completely insured? Are you SURE you’re completely insured? Regardless of your answer, there’s a chance you could get better insurance for an affordable price at your trusted credit union. Many of our members don’t realize that we offer a variety of insurance policies that can help protect you, your family, and everything you hold dear.
We offers a variety of insurance policies that you typically think of such as auto and life insurance. But some insurance policies can be vitally important that the average consumer never takes the time to consider. For instance, are you familiar with GAP insurance? GAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP insurance helps you pay off your auto loan if you are ever in a serious accident. It also safeguards your finances as the value of your car declines. What about MBP insurance? This stands for Mechanical Breakdown Protection. This coverage extends to new and pre-owned vehicles and offers coverage to reduce or eliminate your expenses if your vehicle goes to an auto shop.
The great thing is that you can get these policies as well as Payment Protection, Dental Benefits, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment from us, your trusted credit union. Payment Protection is an affordable way to ease your family’s financial burdens. You’ll be able to pay off loans in the case of death or disability.
There are many benefits to getting an insurance policy with your credit union. First of all, you know we are an institution you can trust. You trust us with your finances. Insurance is an extension of that. Another great benefit is that you can get member-only, discounted premiums on many of these great policies.
We realize information regarding your insurance shouldn’t be taken lightly and can be a lot to process. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our policies by contacting us at 800.548.5465 or visiting our website.