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Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Power Financial Credit Union wants to help protect your family with $2,000 insurance coverage paid for by us.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

As a Power Financial Credit Union member age 18 or older, you can help protect your family’s financial future with Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.

We provide you with $2,000 of insurance coverage paid by us, and you  can purchase additional coverage at group rates.


If you were to die or become disabled, how long would your family be able to pay your bills? One in four 20-year-olds can expect to miss a year of work due to a disability before retirement.1

Credit Disability Insurance helps meet the gap between the coverage you need and any disability insurance you may have.

It is designed to pay your loan payments (up to the contract limit) if you become disabled due to illness or injury and are unable to work.


  • It helps reduce the financial burden on your family in the event of death or disability
  • You are pre-authorized for additional coverage up to $300,000*
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed - no medical exams or health questions.
  • Benefits are paid to your beneficiary if you die from a covered accident.

You cannot be turned down for the Credit Union Paid Coverage - or any additional coverage you may select. All coverage reduces by 50% at age 70 and older, regardless of age at enrollment.

Remember, the $2,000 coverage is at no cost to you. It's compliments of Power Financial Credit Union.

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1-Council for Disability Awareness, Disability Statistic 2018

*Anti-Inflation Benefit: For every two years Additional Coverage remains continuous, it will be increased by 5%. This provision can continue to increase until it reaches 125% of the original coverage amount. Common Carrier Accidental Death: Provides benefits for accidental loss of life from a covered injury while traveling as a fare-paying passenger in or on a public conveyance operated by a licensed common carrier. Benefit is two times the amount of supplemental coverage. Educational Expense Benefit (available with Family Coverage): If primary insured dies from covered accident, this benefit pays an educational benefit for each dependent child enrolled as full-time student in an institution of higher education on the date of the insured’s death. (Benefits will also be paid for dependent children who are in 12th grade on the date of the insured’s death but who enroll in an institution of higher education within 1 year.) The benefit for each qualifying student is 2% of the insured’s accidental death benefit paid for each year the student qualifies, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year, up to 4 years. If no children are eligible, a benefit in the amount of $1,000 will be paid to beneficiary. Adaptive Home and Vehicle: If your home and/or private motor vehicle require modifications to accommodate a dismemberment or total and permanent disability resulting from a covered loss, we will pay an additional benefit equal to the lesser of: (1) 2% of the amount of your contributory coverage; (2) the actual cost of the alterations; or (3) $3,000 for the one-time cost of alterations incurred within 2 years from the date of the accident to your home and/or private motor vehicle. This benefit will be payable only if such alterations are: (1) made by a person or persons with experience in such alterations; and (2) recommended by a recognized organization associated with the injury, and in the case of vehicle modifications, approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. “Private motor vehicle” means a four-wheeled, private passenger car, station wagon, pick-up truck, van, sport utility vehicle or jeep-type automobile, which is not being used as a common carrier. Waiver of Premium: If, while under age 60, an insured becomes totally and permanently disabled and the total and permanent accidental disability has existed continuously for at least 6 months, insurance on such insured will be continued in force without payment of premium during the uninterrupted continuance of the total and permanent disability. The insured must continue premium payments during the 6-month waiting period. The waiver of premium will cease on the earliest of: (1) the date the insured is no longer totally and permanently disabled; or (2) the date the insured fails to submit the required proof of continuous disability; or (3) the date the insured fails to submit to any physical examination; or (4) the date you attain age 65; or (5) the date of your death; or (6) the date this policy terminates.

As with all insurance programs, some exclusions apply. See program’s Insurance Coverage Document for details
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