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About Us

We hear you. Respect you. And treat you like family.

Power Financial Credit Union offers a world of valuable membership benefits. We consider our members to be family, helping them thrive, grow, and achieve using our products and services to meet their goals. Since 1951, we've had half a million members walk through our doors, making us one of South Florida’s largest financial cooperatives.

We're unique because we're a financial cooperative, which means you, as a member, are a part-owner playing an active role in our future. Our success comes from delivering value to you, as opposed to a bank that focuses on delivering value to its shareholders.

As a member, you’ll enjoy great rates, low to no fees, and many other outstanding benefits. We believe in giving back to the community through charitable contributions and volunteer efforts. 

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Feel free to call us or sign up today. We make it fast and easy!

At Power Financial Credit Union, we hear you, we respect you and we'll help you. That's what family does.