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Our History

Serving our South Florida families and communities since 1951

Power Financial Credit Union is rooted in humble beginnings, stretching back to the early 1950s when we offered loans to employees and families of FP&L. Now, we serve nearly 35,000 members throughout the United States and several countries. 

But what's never changed is our family-first approach, the respect and love we have for every member. We've been here supporting generations of families through good times and bad, staying up to date with technology but never losing sight of the value of our personal touch. 

Through the years, we’ve earned families' trust by providing ethical, quality and attentive service in a sound, stable financial environment. That’s why an impressive 90 percent of our members refer their family to our family!

We’re proud of our members and the multiple generations we have served. We’re proud of our employees too, who average just over 10 years with us. We’re a family that’s responsive to our members and our community. We seek opportunities to help wherever we can, from sponsoring annual holiday celebrations at children’s hospitals to offering financial literacy workshops at local schools.

Thank you for being a member. Thank you for being an important part of our legacy. And remember, when you need a little help, ask your family at Power Financial Credit Union.

At Power Financial Credit Union we hear you, we respect you and we'll help you. That's what family does.