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Card Management - Credit Cards

Get total control of how your credit card is used.

The self-service tools within Card Management give you the flexibility, control, and enhanced security you need to manage your PFCU credit card from anywhere at any time. 

Misplaced your card? Turn it off to prevent unauthorized transactions. Don’t want to overspend? Set spending limits. Plan to use your card while traveling? Notify us to avoid any interruptions. 

These real-time transaction alerts and customizable card controls are available in our highly-rated Mobile Banking App and in Online Banking. Log in today and follow the simple steps to get started.

Benefits of Power Financial Credit Union Card Management

Prevent Fraud

Stop the card from being used outside your normal spending habits.

Stay on Budget

Set up spending limits to control expenses and keep your budget on track.

Get Control

Restrict the types of transactions that can be made and set spending limits.

Card Management Features

Turn Card On/Off

Instantly turn off your card to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Manage Spend Limits

Easily set spending limits to prevent overspending.

Transaction Controls/Alerts

Get notified about activity and choose to allow only certain transactions.

Report Lost/Stolen

Block your card immediately and get a new card mailed to you.

Travel Notification

If you’re traveling and plan to use your card, notify us to avoid any interruptions.

FAQs about Card Management

Accordion Section

Card Management allows you to control how and where your PFCU credit card is used. When you enable Card Management you can turn your card on and off, set up transaction limits, restrict card usage to certain transactions, report your card lost or stolen and more.
No. There is no fee to use this feature. Please note if you choose to receive text alerts or push notifications, your carrier’s messaging and data rates may apply.
Card Management is available in both Online Banking and our highly rated Mobile App. Log in to your account and select Card Management under “More” in our Mobile App or under “Additional Services” in Online Banking.
Declines and Alerts can be set up by Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Location Type and Spend Limits.
Members have the option to decline the transaction if it’s greater than the amount they specify.
Currently, you can only manage PFCU credit cards within Card Management, but we will be adding the ability to add your debit card in the future.
Yes. If you have a joint owner or authorized user on your credit card account, any controls you set, including turning the card off/on, will also impact their credit card.
Recurring charges which occur during a period where your card is turned off will still be made.
Log in to your account and select Card Management under “More” in our Mobile App or under “Additional Services” in Online Banking. Then click the “Report Lost/Stolen” button.
When the member clicks on the “Set Alerts” button, they can choose the type of transaction they would like to manage. For any type selected, the member will click on the type, and choose “Decline Transaction” or “Send Alerts” for the transaction type selected.

Please Note: When switching any transaction type to “Decline Transaction”, the Alert for that type will automatically turn on. Member will always receive an Alert if a Decline is turned on.

Please call us at 800-548-5465. One of our Trusted Advisors is standing by to answer all your questions.